Tongue-and- Groove Plier Set — 3-Pc., Phis 6-N-1 Screwrlriver

(1) 6 1/2in. tongue-and-groove pliers
(1) 9 1/2in. tongue-and-groove pliers
(1) 12 1/2in. tongue-and-groove pliers
(1) 6-N-1 screwdriver
Includes 6 1/2in., 9 1/2in. and 12 1/2in. tongue-and-groove pliers, plus 6-N-1
screwdriver PermaLock fastener eliminates nut and bolt failure Undercut tongue and groove prevents pliers from slipping Right angle laser heat-treated teeth provide better grip in both directions and last longer Blue comfort grip handles won’t slip, are comfortable and easy to clean


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