Multi-Pack Of Cable Zip Ties – lOOPk., 7in.Lx. 142in. W, 40Lb. Tensile Strength, Yellow


Ship Weight 1.78 lbs Length (in.) 4-10 Pieces (qty.) 700 Material  Nylon 6/6  Dimensions L ( in.) X W(mm) Assorted

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Size Details

Kit includes: 50- pcs. 4in.L, 181b. tensile strength (naturalcolor) 50-pcs. 4in.L, 18- lb. tensile strength  UV-resistant (black) 25-pcs. 8in.L, 40-lb. tensile strength (natural) 25pcs. 8in.L, 40-lb. tensile  strength  UV-resistant (black)  lOOCS.

4in.L, 181bs.tensile strength (colored) Cable tie cutter Special head design lowers insertion force needed for easier installation

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