Hexagonal Shafts Set

40Cr drop forged, heat-treated steel Black oxide finish Strong hexagonal shafts Set includes 4 cold chisels,

prick punch, center punch, 2taper punches and 6 pin punches 4 cold chisels:1/4in.  xl/4in.  x4in., 1/2in .x7/16in. x53/4in., 5/8in. xl/2in. 6in., 3/4in.x 5/8in. x 61/2

Prick punch: 3/16in. x 3/8in. x 41/2in. Centerpunch:3/16in .x3/8in.x41/2in.

2 taper punches: 5/32in.x3/8in.x7in ., and 3/16in.xl/2in.x9in.

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